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Our Cleaning Services
Rope Access Window Cleaners & Cradle Cleaners (IRATA Trainees)

Our rope access window cleaning teams Cradle Cleaners work throughout the Bahrain, offering our expertise in high rise window cleaning solutions and difficult access. We also specialize in building and cladding cleaning.Rope access is a safe, cost effective method of accessing high-rise and sensitive areas.

All of our Rope Access Window Cleaners are IRATA trained and certified. In addition, all staff are trained in working at heights and risk and method management. We use many window cleaning methods and access methods. This enables us to use the safest, most cost-effective combination to give the best results with minimum disturbance to the occupants of the property.

Prior to the commencement of any work, a risk assessment will be undertaken and the safest and most appropriate method will be put in place and a full method statement will be written for our clients and staff to read and comprehend. Health and safety is our number one priority. We are proud of our 100% safety record.

Safety comes first in all our operations. Our staff follow a strict procedure at all the stages of the project. To date throughout our operations. Our 30 projects, totaling over 6000-man hours, we continue to maintain a safety record with 0 incidents.

We also follow the Petzi (France) standard for equipment safety. Petzi also supplies all our safety equipment that complies to the highest European Standards. Further Technically.

Personal protective equipment against falls

According Berufsgenossenschaftlicher provision A1 (BGV A1 – Principles of prevention), every worker is to provide appropriate personal protective equipment. At high-and low-lying workplaces this protective equipment intended to protect the worker from falling. Thus, the material used must be reliable protection has atleast once a year a documented proficiency examination by BGG held 906th shorter intervals maybe necessary when the material as an extraordinary (fall) was exposed. Proper customer audit assessed the safety condition of the material used and make recommendations on the further use of.

Fall protection and safety systems

High roofs and hall constructions must inter alia be permanently available from maintenance or inspections.

Should these walk areas are in exposed and in accessible heights or near precipitous edges, so-called permanent installation offer such as cradles. This equipment is installation offer such as cradles. This equipment is installed and maintainence or inspections.

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